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Microbiology Testing

WBA Analytical Laboratories provide a wide array of microbiology testing applications for food products, pet foods, and sanitation monitoring for processing, food service, or retail locations.

  • Quantitative Microbiology
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Shelf-life Studies
  • Molecular Typing
  • Live Production Serology
  • Consumer Relations Testing
  • Sanitation Monitoring

Alphabetical List of Routine Microbiological Testing

AnalysisAnalysis MethodologyISO 17025 AccreditedSpringdaleWilkesboro
Anaerobe APCMod of AOAC OMA 990.12yescheckmark--
APC (Petrifilm)AOAC 990.12, AOAC 986.33, AOAC 989.10yescheckmarkcheckmark
APC @20C (Petrifilm)Mod of AOAC OMA 990.12yescheckmark--
Bacillus cereusBAM Chapter 14: Bacillus cereus; Compendium: Chapter 32yescheckmarkcheckmark
Bacillus SpeciesInternal Methodno----
Biochemical ID (Micro ID)MLG Ch 8; AOAC OMA 989.12yes--checkmark
Biochemical ID (VITEK)MLG Ch 8, AOAC 2012.02, 2011.17, RI080801 +yescheckmark--
Campylobacter (cefex)USDA/FSIS Recommended Methodyescheckmarkcheckmark
Campylobacter (PCR)AOAC RI 100201yes--checkmark
Campylobacter EnumerationUSDA/FSIS Recommended Methodyescheckmark--
Clos. PerfringensBAM Manual Ch 16, AOAC 976.30yescheckmarkcheckmark
Coliforms (Petrifilm)AOAC 991.14, AOAC 986.33, AOAC 989.10yescheckmarkcheckmark
Coliforms, Total/FecalAOAC OMA 991.15yescheckmark--
Coliforms/E. coli (Petrifilm)AOAC OMA 998.08, 991.14yescheckmarkcheckmark
E. coli O157 (BAX)AOAC RI 050501yescheckmarkcheckmark
STEC (Real-time BAX)AOAC RI 091301yescheckmark--
E. coli O157:H7 (Real-time BAX)AOAC RI 031002yescheckmarkcheckmark
E. coli O157 (VIDAS ECPT)AOAC RI 060903yescheckmark--
E. coli O157:H7 ConfirmationModification of MLG 5.05: Detection, Isolation and Identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from Meat Productsyescheckmark--
Enterobacteriaceae (Petrifilm)AOAC 2003.01yescheckmark--
LactobacilliDifco (MRS Agar); CCFRA 14.1yescheckmark--
Listeria ConfirmationMLG Ch 8yescheckmarkcheckmark
Listeria MPNBAM Manual Ch10yescheckmark--
Listeria sp. & LM (BAX)AOAC RI 030502 & RI 070202yescheckmarkcheckmark
Listeria sp. (VIDAS)USDA/FSIS Recommended Method; AOAC 999.06yescheckmarkcheckmark
Listeria sp. (BioRad)AOAC RI 090701yescheckmarkcheckmark
PseudomonasOxoid Pseudomonas Agar w/CFC Sup, CCFRA 9.1yescheckmarkcheckmark
Psychrotrophic APCMod of AOAC OMA 990.13yescheckmark--
Salmonella (BioRad)AOAC RI 010803yescheckmarkcheckmark
Salmonella (BAX)AOAC RI 100201yescheckmarkcheckmark
Salmonella (VIDAS SPT)AOAC 2013.01yescheckmarkcheckmark
Salmonella ConfirmationBAM Manual Ch 5; MLG Ch 5yescheckmarkcheckmark
Salmonella MPNModification of MLG App 2.03no----
Staph aureus (Petrifilm)AOAC OMA 2003.07, 2003.11yescheckmarkcheckmark
Total Chlorine mg/LHach Colorimeternocheckmarkcheckmark
Yeast and Mold (Petrifilm)AOAC OMA 997.02yescheckmarkcheckmark
Yeast and Mold (Rapid Petrifilm)AOAC RI 121301yescheckmarkcheckmark