Chemistry Testing
Chemistry Testing

WBA Analytical Laboratories provide general proximate analysis, analytical chemistry, pesticide residue analysis, nutritional analysis, and complete nutrition facts panels using analytical data or theoretical data.

Technologies utilized include:

  • Gas Chromatography (ECD, FID, GC-MS)
  • Liquid Chromatography (HPLC-RI, UV, Coulochem, ELSD, and HPLC-MS/MS
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP)
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Nitrogen by Combustion
  • Standard wet chemistry methodology

Additional test methods not listed below may be available.  Contact us for further information, requests, or customized services.

Alphabetical List of Routine Chemistry Testing

AnalysisAnalysis MethodologyISO 17025 AccreditedSpringdaleWilkesboro
Aflatoxin (ELISA)AOAC 989.06 and 990.32yes--checkmark
AlimetLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
AMEApparent Metabolizeable Energy Calculationnocheckmarkcheckmark
AmmoniaMetrohm IC App Note AN-C-14yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - Bacitracin (Cyclic Peptide)Mod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - ChloramphenicolMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - NitrofuransMod. AOAC 995.09nocheckmark--
Antibiotics - BambermycinsMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - LincomycinMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - MacrolidesMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - Penicillin GMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - QuinolonesMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics - SulfonamidesMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Antibiotics (Tetracyclines)AOAC method 995.09 (Russian Export)yescheckmark--
AshAOAC 942.05; 923.03yescheckmarkcheckmark
Beta AgonistsMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Biogenic AminesLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Bisphenol ALC-MS-MSnocheckmark--
Butyric AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
CarbohydratesCalculation (PMFA)yescheckmark--
ChlorideAOAC 969.10yescheckmarkcheckmark
CholesterolJAOAC 69 (5) pg 844-46, 1986yescheckmark--
ChondroitinWBA Internal Methodyescheckmark--
CoccidiostatsInternal LC-MS/MSnocheckmark--
Fat by Acid HydrolysisAOAC 922.06yescheckmarkcheckmark
Fat by Rapid SoxhletAOAC 920.39yescheckmarkcheckmark
Fat by SoxhletUSDA Method "FAT1"yescheckmarkcheckmark
Fatty Acid ProfileAOCS Ce 2-66yescheckmark--
Fiber, CrudeAOAC 962.09 part E, AOCS Ba 6a-05yescheckmarkcheckmark
Fiber, DietaryAOAC 991.42yescheckmark--
Free Fatty AcidsAOCS Ca 5a-40 Modifiedyescheckmarkcheckmark
GlucosamineInternal Methodyescheckmark--
Glycerol Hydraulic FluidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Hippuric AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Ink Dye in TissueLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
InsolubleAOCS Ca 2c-25yescheckmarkcheckmark
Isovaleric AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
KilocaloriesCalculation (PFC)yescheckmark--
Lactate/AcetateAOAC 973.31 Prep, Metrohm IC App Notesyescheckmark--
Minerals (ICP)AOAC 968.08; 990.08yescheckmarkcheckmark
Moisture, grain/feedsAOAC 930.15yescheckmarkcheckmark
Moisture, meat/foodUSDA Method "MOI"yescheckmarkcheckmark
Moisture, VolatilesAOCS Ca-2c-25yescheckmarkcheckmark
Mycotoxins in Feeds - Individual or Multi-analysisLC-MS/MS Gerstal TechNote ITN-243yescheckmark--
Mycotoxins in Urine - Individual or Multi-analysisLC-MS/MS Gerstal TechNote ITN-243yescheckmark--
NitrateMetrohm IC App Note AN-S-20yescheckmark--
NitriteMetrohm IC App Note AN-S-20yescheckmark--
Oxidative Stability IndexAOCS Cd 12b-92yes--checkmark
PCP/PCAInternal Methodyes--checkmark
Percent BoneAOAC 983.19 Modified for ICP)yescheckmark--
Peroxides - Grain/FeedAOCA Ca 8b-90yes--checkmark
Peroxides - OilsAOCA Ca 8b-90yes--checkmark
PesticidesFSIS Determinative Method "CHC2" July 1991yescheckmarkcheckmark
Pesticides-RusExportFSIS Determinative Method "CHC2" July 1991yescheckmarkcheckmark
pHAOAC 981.12, 943.02yescheckmark--
Protein, CrudeAOAC 992.15; 990.03yescheckmarkcheckmark
Quaternary AmmoniaJournal of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis; 34 (2004) 909-620nocheckmark--
RhodimetLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
SaltUSDA Method "SLT"yescheckmarkcheckmark
Scoville Heat UnitsAOAC 995.03 Modifiednocheckmark--
SugarsAOAC 982.14yescheckmark--
TaurineLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
TBA (Rancidity in Meat)Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 37: #1, 1960no--checkmark
Antibiotics - TherapeuticMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Trace Metals in TallowInternal (Ba,Ca,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,P, Pb,Si,Sr, & Zn)nocheckmark--
Antibiotics - TrimethoprimMod. AOAC 995.09yescheckmark--
Vitamin AUSDA "VTA" (Modified)no----
Vitamin B1 - ThiamineLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B2 - RiboflavinLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B3 - NicotinamideLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B3 - Nicotinic AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B6 - PyridoxineLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B6 - PyridoxalLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B8 - BiotinLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B9 - Folic AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin B12 - CyanocobalaminLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Vitamin CInternal Methodyescheckmark--
Vitamin C - Ascorbic AcidLC-MS/MS Internalnocheckmark--
Water Activity RatioDecagon Aqualabnocheckmark--